We brought Bella and Storm home in the fall of 2010, they were both foaled after pony penning week and were made available to us in October of that year.  They made the trip to north, via our dear friend Kim, in Massachusetts and ended up in Canada in November of that year.
They grew strong and confident and in June of 2012 we decided to sell them to an interested lady who contacted us and wanted to keep them together and have her young children grow up with them.  This lady had some plans that did not turn out for her and soon found herself with two young horses requiring much more time than she could manage.  Thankfully we had remained in touch and when she decided she could no longer keep them she contacted us.  
Bella and Storm made the over 7 hour journey back home this weekend and are in the field playing with their old friends and two new ones !
Storm has sustained an injury to his face and will be looked at by a vet this week, Bella is fine and both are happy and settled in their new "wing" of the barn.
We will post updates on their status as we go and let you all know what our decisions for them will be.  

Thank you to our dear friends who have gone through this journey with us, we are so grateful.