Chincoteagues In Canada


Set in beautiful Muskoka, New Beginnings Stables is home to Chincoteagues In Canada. 

We are fortunate to be able to provide our herd with acres of pasture. We are always eager to share our stories and knowledge  about the Chincoteagues. Our love for the breed began with the novel Misty of Chincoteague, by Marguerite Henry. And so, July of 2009, we headed down to Virgina to attend the annual Pony Penning. That's where we bought our first Chincoteague, Dreamer. From then on our love for this breed grew. We now have hopes to bring the joy of island born Chincoteagues to others in Canada.

Kris, Jerry and Sydney. The herd managers. 

Our foals come straight from the beaches of Assateague Island, and are purchased from the annual auction in Chincoteague. The rich heritage of the foals is important to us, and with the help of some fellow pony enthusiasts we try our very best to track their Sires and Dams in the wild herd. Once home, we work with the foals everyday to gentle them, and gain their trust. They are soon introduced to the rest of the horses at our farm. The foals learn manners and respect for not only people, but other horses as well. Being out with the group allows them to explore, play and stimulate their natural sense of curiosity.